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It is our goal to provide information to everyone interested in gaining further awareness and understanding of green building techniques. We hope the various articles and resources provided here will benefit you as you seek more efficient alternatives to building your home and community.

Moving Forward

Building technology and progressive standards continue to evolve. Our intense interest in Building Science has brought Thorsten to many conferences and seminars around the world as he actively pursues better and more efficient ways to build. We encourage you to use these resources and ideas at your own discretion. Please keep in mind that some of these resources are not infallible with regards to technological accuracy, but we felt the information in general to be beneficial.

The Cold Climate Research Center is actively monitoring the SunRise project and there will be more detailed information and testing results published on their web site - www.cchrc.org.

We are also working on our own website that will host more information in the future. Our goal is to have most of the systems and sensors from the SunRise home live stream data online for everyone to see how the different systems and components work in the real world. We are working hard on getting accurate project reports finished and published. Please be patient with us as this continues to develop.

Please build responsible!

All the Best from Far North,

The Reina Team & Thorsten Chlupp