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Thorsten Chlupp, Founder and President of Reina, LLC has given many presentations, talks and seminars about Green Building, Passive House, Zero Energy Design and Sustainable Building approaches throughout the States and Overseas. Some of these talks have been recorded and are available online. Send us an email if you would like more information about scheduling for your conference or seminar.


Limitations to Solutions for PH buildings in our cold northern regions. Lessons learned from building solar heated homes at Latitude 64. What are the technical limitations, and how to overcome the hurdles of a cold climate in high efficiency buildings. Understanding the importance of windows: what glazing to choose, adding thermal shutters and calculating and modeling them in PHPP07 – and integrating them into buildings. Ventilation and supplemental heating strategies; Best practices for cold climates, tips and tricks from hard learned lessons building in the Arctic…

 Learning objectives:

  1. Thermal bridge free construction, foundation details including thermal breaks on door openings, wall details and best roof strategies for cold climates
  2. Window glazing and window orientation and installation for cold climates
  3. Integrating thermal shutters
  4. Ventilation preheating with closed loop glycol-to-air ground heat exchanger combined to heat recovery ventilator

Download (5 MB): Cold_Climate_101.pdf

2010 North American Passive House Conference - Portland, Oregon


Thorsten presented this program at the PHIUS conference in Portland in the Extreme Passive House: Cold! track. The conference proceedings can be found here: 2010 Passive House Conference sessions

Download (5MB): Passive House Alaska



An update on the ongoing research project analyzing a diffusion open wall system without a conventional vapor barrier at Latitude 64; monitored by the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. Thermocouples, humidity sensors and data loggers help demystify real world performance and provide facts over fiction. Datasets, performance and a primer on diffusion, airtightness, permeability, vapor drive, sorption, Lambda values, decrement delay and embodied energy in medium weight super insulated walls and their real world implications. Putting it all together: The ARCTIC wall - an affordable, low energy and high R-value and diffusion open wall system for Passiv Haus construction.

Learning objectives:

  1. Monitoring results and data review - the importance of measured real world performance of building systems
  2. Benefits of diffusion open wall systems and key problems of conventional wall systems 
  3. A primer on diffusion, airtightness, permeability, vapor drive, sorption, Lambda values, decrement delay
  4. What is embodied energy and why it is especially important in super insulated buildings

Download (9 MB): Diffusion_open_walls.pdf

Northern Housing Forum 2010


The Northern Housing Forum, 2010 (NHF) was held in Inuvik on March 22-25, 2010. Forefront housing leaders attending this groundbreaking event explored Sustainable Solutions - The Future of Northern Housing. The conference proceedings can be found here: Northern Housing Forum 2010 presentations. Thorsten presented under Costing Lessons and Strategies: Passiv Haus in Alaska



Sustainable Shelters in an Unsustainable World

Super insulated PH buildings combined with an integral renewable energy system and a holistic and universal design approach can create living shelters even in the most extreme climates. Sustainable design and a look at embodied energy and the bigger picture of energy in buildings. Integrating natural materials and indoor plants and living walls within buildings. What makes us human and shelters become homes?

Learning objectives:

  1. Overview of embodied energy and the bigger picture of energy in buildings
  2.  Holistic and universal design principles
  3.  Designing and integrating passive systems over technology driven approaches
  4. Importance of careful material selection, indoor air quality and air purification and humidification with proper use of indoor plants, living walls and hydro cultures 
  5. Integration of renewable energy systems into super insulated buildings

Download (9 MB): Beyond_Passiv_Haus.pdf

The Sunset Roost Home 2010


A presentation by Karl Kassel about his beautifull off grid Passive house, built by Reina, LLC.

Download (4 MB):SunSet_Roost_Home.pdf