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REINA places emphasis on a holistic, complete view of a building and its systems. The most successful buildings combine good design, energy efficiency measures, high performance materials and an informed, smart use of renewable energy resources. At REINA, we strive to push the envelope and be a leader in design, construction, renewable energy and ultra-efficient, high-performance building products. REINA is working on projects throughout the State of Alaska and many other parts of the world that face similar harsh conditions of the North.

Specific Services Offered by REINA

Complete Design Services

REINA offers full design services from concept through full construction drawings. Our projects range from small affordable homes to high end custom homes and large scale commercial projects. REINA can be a part of your design from the first day, ensuring that all of your building's systems work together to their maximum potential.

Complete Construction Services

As a turn-key licensed General Contractor REINA provides construction services from small to large scale projects from the ground up throughout finish and completion.

Energy Modeling

One of REINA’s specialties is the use of sophisticated energy modeling software to determine the buildings performance and find the best avenues to increase its efficiency. An extensive sensitivity analysis of the many different components that effect the building loads is used to determine where the “low hanging fruit” are and optimize the overall efficiency of the building.

Hygrothermal Building Analysis

Hygrothermal physics governs the movement of heat and moisture throughout buildings. REINA can perform extensive studies on any building system with the hygrothermal whole building simulation software WUFI®Plus. Building systems don’t simply fail - it takes bad design. Especially in extreme climates building systems need to be carefully designed and sophisticated modeling offers highly accurate predictions of hygrothermal performance to prevent degradation, moisture and mold issues.

Renewable Energy System Design

REINA offers design services on all renewable energy system, from and off-grid solar electric, solar thermal, and wind energy systems for residential and commercial applications.

Energy Consultation

With energy costs steadily climbing energy retrofits and improvements are on everyones mind. But where does one start? REINA offers its services to provide a site analysis and recommendations on energy improvements

Feasibility Studies

REINA can perform sensitivity analysis for building projects in regards to potential energy savings, value engineering, costs comparison with Simple Payback Periods, Present Value, Net Present Value and Life Cycle Costs.

Research and Development

On the quest to build highly efficient buildings in even the most extreme climates REINA has developed several building systems and components. Some examples are:

  • The Arctic Wall and Foundation System
  • Window installation principles for cold climates
  • Integral Solar heating system with integrated annual seasonal storage
  • The Arctic Door, ultra-efficient 7 lock points, airtight, R-60 Vacuum Insulation core
  • Exterior motorized Thermal window shutters with up to R-60 insulation values
  • Blown-In Shutter technology with movable window insulation
  • Sustainable Greenhouse of the North, solar heated Greenhouse with movable insulation and heat storage

Educational Presentations

Being on the cutting edge, the staff at REINA is in high demand to present our research and findings.  As time allows, we are always happy to help inform and educate regarding possibilities and solutions.

Retail Showroom in Fairbanks, Alaska

REINA stocks a wide range of renewable energy components in addition to our line of high-performance and ultra-efficient building products. Our knowledgeable staff is here to inform and serve you.